Introducing Raffaz Technology's WiFi Connection Services!

Elevate your online experience with our seamless, fast, and secure wireless networks tailored for enclosed areas such as estates or commercial spaces. Bid farewell to connectivity issues and embrace a smoother online journey with our expert WIFI Connect by Raffaz.

Experience Reliable Broadband Internet:
Raffaz WiFi Connect ensures dependable broadband internet access with unlimited data capacity and impressive speeds of up to 20mbps, delivered through Radio and Fiber Optics Connectivity. Our service is designed to cater to homes and businesses, offering flexible subscription plans and optional router installations. Choose from weekly, monthly, quarterly, mid-year, or yearly subscriptions, and enjoy hassle-free connections.

Tailored Packages For Every Need

High-Speed Internet Access

50-100Mbps Speeds for Home and SME

Unlimited WiFi Connection

Optional Router Installation for Residence and Commercial Spaces

Long-Range Connection in Enclosed Areas like Estates

Broadband Consulting

Fiber Installation for Residential Properties (Pre & Post Construction)

Fiber Installation for Commercial Properties (Pre & Post Construction)

Home Package

Indulge in unlimited data at lightning-fast speeds with our fixed wireless fiber optics or microwave radio connections, powered by a 100% fiber optics backbone infrastructure.

SME Package

Supercharge your business operations with Raffaz’s unbeatable SME broadband internet solutions. Boost productivity, simplify operations, and stay ahead of the competition with attractive rates designed to help your business achieve more for less. Choose Raffaz for reliable, high-speed connectivity tailored to your unique needs.

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